Video of Brett King's Presentation at the Amsterdam Banking Forum

Banking Renaissance is the biggest banking conference in Europe, 400+ people, most influential speakers in banking and fintech, for the first time together; Brett King, Jim Marous, Chris Skinner, David Gyori, Paolo Sironi and Matteo Rizzi

FINANCE 2050 – The Future of Banking, AI, Climate and the Global Economy
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KEYNOTE by BRETT KING: FINANCE 2050 – The Future of Banking, AI, Climate and the Global Economy 

Over the next 30 years everything will change. The sacred cows we’ve held on to, the systems we’ve built since the Industrial Age and the economic theory that has become a religion to Wall Street. The world of 2050 will be dramatically different shaped by AI, climate change and our collective response to those pressures. Banking and finance, indeed Capitalism itself, will go through major adaptations. Corporations for the social good, digital programmable money, and AI-run markets that humans no longer control. The path to optimal humanity is one of reinvention, and adaptation for sustainable prosperity.